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BBC’s Alan Hart: Israeli Mossad Did 911

Yet another theory IMO.

I would like to thank David Van Perry for giving the link to this video, and I would also like to thank my brother Kevin Barrett who actually interviewed Alan Hart. I decided to save and post the video directly because, to put it as few words as possible, I don’t trust …YouTube. In this video, Kevin and Alan, both prominent leaders in the 911 Truth Movement discuss the Israeli role in 911. But I was very surprised when someone like Alan stated something that we Muslims have been saying for years, and have been ridiculed for; that Israelis or their sayanim supporters have penetrated into a number of Muslim organizations and governments in Muslim countries. For Alan to go so far as to confirm my longstanding belief that the Arab governments have syanim in them working against such governments is not a shock it is a confirmation of what I have felt, but it is still hard to swallow. People this begs the question how much of what you see on the news relating to Arab terrorism is truly homegrown and how much of it is the work of 5th columns who support Israel and want to draw America into yet another war, this time with Iran.

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