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Indians killing Indians – Indian couple fronts court over murder of fellow national | The Daily Telegraph

How can India call Australians “racist” when India have a “caste” system? Indians are the epitome of racism. A class system based on discriminating against each other merely because of the color of their skin, religion or other.

The Australian media are guilty and need a good old fashion head slapping for simply reporting the news as “Another Indian bashed, maimed whatever” rather than reporting it as “Man bashed while” The minute you tell the news based on a mans race or religion it becomes an issue and we should immediately question the journalist’s ethics.

The media is responsible for misleading for turning this racial based on zero facts whatsoever. It just proves their inability to report the news fairly.

Many Indians are also exposed to danger through working in higher risk jobs which many Aussies will not touch…such as taxi driving, petrol station & convenience attendants and so on. History shows that these jobs are high risk for any person around the world due to robberies and late hours.

The Daily Telegraph now shows initial reports which added to the racism stir in Australia were wrong. It shows that it’s Indian nationals killing Indian nationals.

There are more bashing and murders of non-Indians in Australia, but who is reporting that? A grab for headlines. That’s all it is.

Indians killing Indians.

AN Indian couple has faced court charged with the murder of a fellow national by setting him on fire after slitting his throat. Gurpreet Singh, 23, and his wife Harpreet Kaur Bullar, 20, faced Sutherland Local Court briefly after their dramatic arrest in Sans Souci yesterday.

The couple stand accused of  slashing the throat of 25-year-old fruit picker Ranjodh Singh and then setting his body on fire. His partially burnt body was found at Willbriggie, near Griffith, on December 29.

Neither applied for bail and it was formally refused.

They will both next appear before Wagga Wagga Local Court via audio link on February 3.

A Punjabi interpreter was ordered for their next appearance.

Detectives arrested a third man at his home in Wagga Wagga this morning.

The 25-year-old was charged with murder and due to front Wagga Wagga Local Court this afternoon.

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