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UFO over Melbourne, Australia Documentary

An unbelievable documentary exhibiting the account of a UFO seen on December 25th 2006 in Melbourne, Australia. Hundreds of witnesses viewed the craft.

UFO over Melbourne, Australia DocumentaryCelebrity bloopers here


Bright UFO Orb Flies Over Vehicle in Pacific Northwest

One night in late 1994 I was driving down the road outside the small town of Kingston Washington with my good friend “J”. As the car was curving around a corner to the right we both saw a light flash, flash, flash in a strobing pattern through the tree line. There was a solid very bright whitish orb about 50 – 75 feet in diameter moving about 75 MPH just above the tree line. The orb itself was not flashing but the strobe effect was caused due to trees that were in the way. As the car made the turn the road continued in a straight line for about two miles. At this time the craft passed over the car silently and continued to run in the same direction the vehicle we were in was going.

The orb continued at the rate of about 75 MPH until it cleared the tree line about two miles down the road. The orb was silent and very bright. This co-insides with the same flight path as the craft I saw that was a mile in diameter a year later. However it was moving the opposite direction, but yet maintaining the same flight path. After a Google Earth search, I followed the flight path to what I know now as a USO base located at Navel Sub Base Banger on the Hood Canal. Many sightings and encounters have been seen in this area by many eye witnesses throughout the years.

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