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Since the dawn of time man has been on a turf war for wider control. Today, the secret elite have their minds committed on controlling the entire planet.  They know time is running out and they are growing impatient. They have been at it for centuries, so their plan is already deeply embedded.  Moving the human race “From Freedom to Fascism”.

The elite now own the military, the banks and influence our governments. Life has no meaning to them except for their own direct descendants. Many of the top elite made it to the top through fraudulent and illegal acts against their countries and humanity. Now that they smugly sit at the top, they seek to end anymore climbing the rungs of filth. The banking and oil elite amongst the worst of them and they force these changes through the Military Industrial Complex.

The sad truth is children, mothers, grandmothers alike are murdered by these people for control and power. Their lives merely worth dollars and cents. Real conflict does not exist, only agendas. Agendas to  destabilize and take over. When will it end? Is money the root of all evil? No. Money is merely a form of exchange. These egocentric, power hungry men with a license to print money will only allow people to crawl on their hands and knees beneath like starving animals.

The Military Industrial Complex and Corporate Imperialism are here and in full swing.

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